I have a 2004 Chrysler Convertible Sebring and lost my main keys with the key faub last week. My spare keys let me drive the car but don't disable the alarm so every time the door is opened it goes off for a minute and a half.

I googled Chrysler dealors and this one came up so I called and explain the situation. The representative asked if I could bring the car to him first then he would have to see if he could help. I agreed and asked him his name he said it was Shade and that I should ask for him. I said I could be there within the next 30 minutes and asked if that was okay. He said as long as I was in there within an hour it would. I then drove 20 minutes to the location (arriving at 4:30pm). Pulled up, left my car on and pulled myself out of the window as to be courteous and not let the alarm go off. I walked in and there were only two worker one young girl dressed like she was going to an outside festival with her head down in her cell phone and another male in a suit looking at his desk facing the window to which I past as I was walking up. He could definitely see me in his peripheral vision but neither of them bothered to look up.

I stood there for 5 minutes walking back and forth until I had to say excuse me. He girl looked startled and just looked at me. I asked if they were still open and that I had called earlier and that Shade said I should come and ask for him. She looked bewildered and said she would try to find him for me. She wondered around then finally came back about 5 minutes later (in between which another technician looking young guy just walked up to me, looked me up and down like I was in his way, then I had took the inniative to step aside - he didn't even say one word - a hello, nor an excuse me). She said that he went on a test drive with another vehicle. I asked where I should wait and she just looked around confused and said "I don't care". I said my car was on outside so I was going to wait by it.

Another 15 minutes past when an african american male walked by and asked if I wanted to buy a car, then another technician finally walked by (as did many) but he asked if I had been helped yet. I said I was waiting for a guy named Shade. He said confidently that he would find him for me. He came back a few short minutes later and said he was in a big red charger and he should be returning soon. 10 minutes later I saw the charger drive past me into the service area. A caucasian male got out and another man (likely the client) came up and they talked for 5 minutes. He handed him the key and the client drove off.

During this whole time there was - what looked like a bored technician - standing outside leaned against the side of the wall. Then Shade and him began to talk right in front of me. I wanted to give them some time but then the male representative point to Shade and mouthed- that's him. So I walked up to Shade and introduced myself letting him know I was the one who called earlier. He looked me up and down, like he was annoyed I had interrupted his conversation. Then he said he wanted to see my keys. I said they were in the car which was running to prevent the alarm from having to go off until it was necessary. It was only a few steps away. He said he would be with me in a few minutes. 45 minutes later he was still talking to the same guy but had moved further away from me. I then began to call other Chevrolet dealers round 6pm and got one very close to me that gave me a price quote and a time frame with an appointment at 7:00am the next morning.

Thankfully, they were professional and courteous as soon as I pulled up a representative Jeff Jutzi and Don Davis Auto Group in Arlington, TX took care of all I needed and more within an hour.

After I obtained the appointment with Jeff, I walked back up to Shade (having to interrupt his conversation again) and asked "So are you going to help me?", He said I could "take my car and just go!". I then walked inside and said how I was treated by the service side was completely unexceptable, I was ignored for over an hour with blantant disregard and still not even a glimpse on if they could help at all. I then walked out and opened my door. My alarm, of course, went off and I let it so they could see how I felt.

Reflecting, I still don't know what was going on, I don't know if it was because I am a black woman or if they thought I was a low-life. Specifically, how Shade Haddox at the Clay Cooley 700 E. Airport Frwy in Irving location was horrible to me. He looked at me with distain then disregard. And he was the one who asked to come up there without even assuring that he would do anything but he said he would look at it. After and hour and a half the never did and then just told me to "Go!". I am in my mid-twenties and I have never felt to disrespected in my life. I felt like I was in the 1920's on the side of the tracks where I didn't belong but the irony was that there were other nationalities. Or I felt like I was a communist. I don't know what was Shade's deal, if he was having a bad day and/or I was the wrong color, and/or I really did interrupt twice his serious conversation. Hey- maybe I really am Casper- the friendly ghost. How I was treated was completely unexceptable and there are not explaination nor is there an excuse for it. Mr. Haddox has the title on his business card as an Assistant Service Manager. He acted like the leader of a street gang pimp ring and I was a *** he once wanted then he all of a sudden thought annoying. Absolutely, the worst experience I have ever had and I work in the service field. Shade had no decency at all.

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